Welcome to the world of Dosminer

Dosminer is a new free indee adventuregame! Actually, the game isn't finished so even the alpha isn't done yet. A few time ago, dosminer was a terminal game with a lot of features and a huge world you could discover. Now, dosminr is a game graphical game. It will take some time, untill dosminer is as good as before, but the game is playable and has a new style. It's free to play!

It's Free You Say?

Yes! Dosminer is a free game. But it may be that it will cost something in the far feature. This could be necessary to finance the project.


Dosminer is part of the FRED games AG The code belongs to the FRED games AG. You are allowed to modify our game, if you want to. But please remember to credit us. Thank you.


Creator: Samuel 'LeMas' Winkler
Contact: info@dosminer.de
If you have any questions about the game,
feel free to contact us.


A subheading about what we did

Samuel 'LeMas' Winkler
Sascha Winkler

Sinhá Winkler

Idea and Story:
Samuel 'LeMas' Winkler

About Dosminer

A subheading about Dosminer

  • Free
  • Work in progress
  • Nice Support
  • Requires Java 1.7 or later
  • Works fine on Linux/Mac/Windos

What We Are Saying

And a final subheading about us

  • "This is Amazing. I Can't believe, Dosminer is growing that fast!"

    Samuel Winkler, FRED games AG
  • "Well. It's my Art in that game!"

    Sinhá Winkler, FRED games AG